Hello, my name is Kat Hartwig.  My main focus at the moment is writing my young adult fantasy novel, which should hopefully be done this year, but I also make sure to find time for my other hobbies.  That’s where this website comes in.

I have been writing for the past ten years, but only got serious about it a few years ago.  I recently signed up with a book coach so I can finally get the push I need to finish my novel.  Honestly, I love books.  I converted one of my spare bedrooms into a library just so I could fit my massive collection, which is currently over 700 books and growing.  My goal with writing my novel is to give other people the wonder and excitement of reading a good book that other authors have given me my entire life.  I want people to get lost in the worlds I create and escape from reality for a while.

Here’s a link to my libib account if you want to see all my books.  https://pandoraschoice.libib.com/  Libib is a free and awesome application, so go check it out to use for yourself!


My other main hobby is playing board games, which I do at least once a week.  Over the years, I’ve probably played a few hundred different ones.  I’m lucky to have friends who love board games just as much as I do so between all of us, our collection is pretty large.  Since we all have different game preferences, I get to try a lot of games I normally wouldn’t buy myself.  Gaming is such a great way to get people together and have fun.

Here’s a link to my Board Game Geek profile if you want to see my collection: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/pandoraschoice/games


I’m also a bit addicted to anime and manga.  I try to watch five or six of the new anime coming out each season, but also like to scrounge for the wonderful shows I’ve missed over the years.  If I really like a series, I tend to buy the manga for it as well so I can see the differences between the two.  The manga section of the bookstore is a dangerous place though, with so much eye candy in book form, that I’ve gotten into a few series that don’t have an anime series yet.

Basically, I’m just an overall geek and proud of it!

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